Open Source Real-Time Communication

Openfire 4.3.0

Openfire is a cross-platform real-time collaboration server based on the XMPP (Jabber) protocol.

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Spark 2.8.3

Cross-platform real-time collaboration client optimized for business and organizations.

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Client Library

Smack 4.3.1

Easy to use Java XMPP client library.

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Other Projects
Tinder A Java based XMPP library, providing an implementation for XMPP stanzas and components. 1.2.2
Whack Easy to use Java XMPP component library. 2.0.1
Asterisk-IM Asterisk-IM integration for Openfire. 1.1.1
Discontinued Projects
XIFF Flash XMPP client library. 3.1.0
SparkWeb Flash based real-time collaboration web client. 0.9.0